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is the only book of all millennia reconnecting us with the unlimited source of the real power of powers and happiness!

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Our 13 Celestial Components

EGONECT is the only book that will, with total innocence and simplicity, explain to us and prove how amazing and incredible we are as earthly human, it will convince us that we are the only totally alive reality anywhere.

  • EGONECT is the only book with the wisdom and common sense that will save us all from the bottomless greed of a few look-alike humans and the poisoned claws of all the vipers that encircle our planet earth.
  • This book explains that we are not just earthlings but celestial entities too, by unveiling our 13 celestial components which we manage to take with us as we enter the body of an earthling.
  • Imagine EGONECT as the only book of pure truth that will put us in touch with the baby in us, the innocence, and the power of all powers, everywhere. Imagine!

Egonect: Return To Immortality

EGONECT, the book for all millennia, will save the world. EGONECT will reconnect us with our human self. EGONECT will free us all from any kind of fear, depression, and hate. EGONECT will revive our dormant immortality. EGONECT will unite us as one global nation. EGONATION! EGONECT will introduce EGONETISM, the economic, human system under which everyone, because we are everyone, will live with dignity, like all the visitors on the richest planet of our universe should live. EGONECT’s wisdom will show us how to destroy all, yes all, the enemies, visible and invisible, which eat us alive.

Egonect-Return To Immortality
egonect-theLasttearDrop - spirituality book

Egonect: The Last Drop

EGONECT, by taking the fear of death out of our life, will help us never let a tear of sadness appear in our eyes. EGONECT contains the whispers of love and conquest of our children, trying to help us avoid the coming, total global chaos. Those children are whispering, from the other side of our skies, hoping for us to not only survive, but also to unite in our life, as we really are, and so as one force to conquer the skies and free them from the trap of loneliness. EGONECT, as our collective self, will remind us all of what common sense is, in order for us to at last realize the tragic condition of today’s life; to help us to hug and be hugged by real happiness. Because without happiness immortality can not revive. And immortality does not discriminate; we all share it or no one will enjoy it.


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About the Author

Efthimios Pistiolas

Efthimios Pistiolas was born in Greece in 1938. In 1943, at the age of five and a victim of the Second World War, he survived a German prisoner of war camp. Yet rather than relating the story of his own survival, in the EGONECT book series, he has chosen to tell a different kind of story. Through his books he shares the inspiring words of a spiritual being who has communicated with and guided him since his wartime imprisonment.

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